Terms & Conditions


Please ensure you have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions before sending the booking form back to us. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us (hereafter called the Owner) for clarification before you sign the booking form. Website terms override any terms in paperwork we may provide.

Whilst we reserve the right to increase or decrease accommodation prices at any time, we will confirm to you the current price at the time of booking. Pool heat price cannot be guaranteed more than six months in advance of vacation due to gas price changes or exchange rate fluctuations, though we do try to keep variations to a minimum. The owners reserve the right to apply a small daily fuel surcharge for parties of eight or more guests. As soon as you have confirmed your booking and paid your deposit or full payment, the cost of the rental is guaranteed against any further increase. This guarantee is offered subject to our terms and conditions and payment being adhered to and providing there are no further amendments to your holiday arrangements.

Your holiday home rental includes Accommodation as booked, including services e.g. water and electricity. Your price includes use of all resort facilities unless indicated otherwise, plus local taxes. Pool heat is generally priced separately. NOT included in our rental prices: a) Flights b) Car Hire c) Holiday Insurance.

The signing* of the booking form by the party leader confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions set out and shall be binding on the persons listed on the booking form intending to occupy the premises (or any subsequent amendments to this list).

This offer is on condition that your party size does not exceed that stated on your original enquiry. Additional guests are accommodated only by arrangement with owners only, and will be charged at an extra $35/£25 per head.

All ‘single sex’ parties or parties of guests who are under the age of 21 will only be accepted with prior written agreement from the owners.
No pets allowed.
To ensure comfort, security and peace of mind our home is registered with the state authorities and is in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

Our managers are conscientious and attentive towards our guests. They always aim to respond to our guest issues within 24 hours, or in case of emergency, much sooner, and often within the hour. Occasionally this has been taken advantage of in certain circumstances and we ask guests to call with genuine issues.

For the comfort of guests the property is a strict no smoking, no drugs accommodation. The accommodation is strictly a non-smoking area. We reserve the right to retain the whole security deposit if our management company confirms to us that smoking etc has taken place within the property.

Please note also that the owners do not provide nor permit the use of BBQ at the home.

The pool area is fitted with a removable child safety fence and the poolside doors are alarmed also as an extra safety measure. A’ Pool rules’ safety notice is displayed around the pool area for your reference and must be adhered to at all times. Glassware is not permitted in the pool area so plastic alternatives have been provided for use around the pool area. If it is confirmed to us by our management company that glass has been broken in the pool area we reserve the right to use your security deposit to cover this cost . Draining and cleaning the pool area is a long and expensive process so will most certainly take up all of your security deposit. Please not also, the owners do not permit BBQ around the pool area.


Pool heat is set to Florida statute temperatures. This ensures a safe and hygienic temperature and one that is chemically balanced to provide the optimum recreational conditions. Higher temperatures over a prolonged period will affect the chemical balance of the pool and lead to cloudy water and is not hygienic. Our pool is set to the appropriate level and serviced regularly to ensure the  optimum condition for our guests.

Stays of less than 7 nights incur a cleaning fee, longer stays we include in your price.
The accommodation is available for occupation from 4.00 pm local time on day of arrival and it is to be vacated before 10. am on the morning of departure unless agreed with ourselves.

Together with your completed booking form, a non-refundable deposit of £200/ $300 is due within 7 days of your provisional booking (unless paying by the installment plan).
Upon receipt of your deposit we will send you confirmation of your booking.
Payment of the balance is due 12 weeks prior to your arrival date. Upon receipt we will send out directions and lock box number to your accommodation, and details of our managers as local contact.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment by credit or cards, or Paypal incur a surcharge of 4.00% (Sorry, but we do have to pass on the card issuer’s commission).

The client is solely responsible for any damage or breakages that may be caused to the property or its contents during your stay.
We require a refundable security breakage deposit of £200/$300 which is to be paid at least 4 weeks before arrival. This deposit will be repaid to your party as soon as the management company has reported no damage and that you have returned the keys.
Our local management company thoroughly checks and cleans the property before your arrival and after you depart and will advise us of any faults. This includes such things as additional cleaning costs for removal of stains due to spillages, breakages or losses and additional laundry costs. After you have vacated the property, our management company will wash one set of bedding from each bed used, plus all towels after departure (unless you have specifically requested otherwise), therefore any extra laundry left will incur an extra charge.

Pool and Spa:

If you encounter any problems with the pool or spa under no circumstances should you try to fix the problem yourselves. Please contact our management company immediately and a qualified pool maintenance person will be sent to rectify the problem. Please note; Several fellow owners have reported to us that guests have tampered with the pool heating controls. This can affect the chemical balance within the pool filter system, which if tampered with, can cause the system to falter, and potentially lead to an expensive repair. We urge guests to contact the managers if there is an issue with the pool heat. Your pool heat is turned on the day you arrive, and should be warm for your arrival at the home. If local weather conditions are cool this could take slightly longer.  If the pool controls have been tampered with, the owners will retain the whole of your security deposit or additional costs if the pool requires re-filling or other damage is incurred to equipment. Please note, our pool technician attends weekly to monitor the pool.

Please note that whilst we have pool guides on display in the pool area, there are no attendants at the pool obviously, and safety around the pool area is the full responsibility of the guest for vacationing party. We urge that all guests remain safe in the pool are, particularly elderly guests or small children. There is a pool screen provided, and an alarm on the pool door, and it is the guests responsibility to utilise these appropriately.

Florida has a particular fauna, and occasionally items and small animals may enter the pool area uninvited. Twigs, leaves, frogs, lizards etc may find their way into the pool area if the gate is left open or they find a gap in the pool fence structure, Please just remove and place on the grass outside the home. For further advice please contact our managers.

Pool heating, if included in the rental agreement is conducted via a gas heater. If the outside temperature gets too low, there is a possibility that the compressor/heater either does not come on, or is not able to heat the pool to the desired level. Heat is still being used, and the owners cannot be responsible for low temperatures and no refund can be given. If the guest decides not to make use of the pool for reasons of inclement temperature or weather, this cannot be considered a reason for refund.


The final cleaning of the home is contained within the price that you paid for the rental of the home. However, if home is left in such a condition that a more comprehensive clean (and garbage removal) is required, the costs are charged to the guest. It is the guest’s responsibility to keep the home  clean and tidy during their stay. At departure, we ask guests to start a wash load of linens, towels, tea towels etc, and if dishes are used, to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher so the cleaners can commence the clean for the next guest. We ask please that the fridge be empty of your belongings. Should the guest require a clean during their stay this can be arranged and paid locally via our management company.

We retain the right to retain the security deposit in full to cover damage or non- return of keys. Receipts for repairs / replacements or extra cleaning charges will be provided in the unlikely event that such retention of the security deposit is required.
We reserve the right to pursue a guest for recompense for any and all damages caused which may exceed the value of the security deposit and will require payment within 14 days of being served notice of this.

Please remember: Florida has a sub-tropical climate and care must be taken with food that is left uncovered. Uncovered food will attract insects very quickly. Any added cost for pest control services incurred for lack of care may be passed to you. Dispose of leftover food, where possible in the waste disposal unit provided. Any food that cannot be disposed of should be put in the sealed outdoor bin located in the garage. Our management company will inform you of the regular garbage collection times.

Blocked toilet: the pressure level on the water system is not the same in all parts of Florida. This makes toilets in Florida are only designed to deal with human excreta and toilet tissue. Flushing any other materials (such as, but not limited to: diapers, baby wipes, sanitary napkins… ) may cause severe blocking. lf a guest causes a sewage blocking, by flushing any of such materials, the clearance costs will be charged. We advise guests not to flush these materials, but to throw them into the trash bin.

In the event of your party needing to cancel, the following conditions will apply:
a) 6-12 weeks prior to departure 50% of the total charge to offset the discount that we will need to re-book the property at short notice.
b) Any cancellation within the final 6 weeks will regrettably result in loss of the whole booking fee (not including the security deposit).
Failure to pay the final balance by the due date (12 weeks prior to arrival) may potentially result in loss of the booking and deposit. If we do not receive the payment we will endeavor to contact the guest but if we receive no payment or communication, then unfortunately we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit.
If you do have a problem, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible to discuss the matter, and may be able to help with alternative dates.

We do understand that guest do occasionally have to cancel for family reasons for example. We do offer to reschedule dates where guests need to rearrange. However, if dates are cancelled/rearranged in the 40 days prior to departure, we ask for a 40% contribution towards your subsequent stay. Pardon this requirement, we have had guests rearrange and then cancel again to avoid subsequent fees. We just wish to provide a wonderful vacation experience for all our guests and will try to work with all variations fairly and equitably.

In the unlikely event that personal circumstances necessitate cancellation of the booking we will refund any monies paid by the party (without interest, compensation or consequential loss of any kind). However the management company will always seek to relocate your booking to accommodation of a similar or superior standard.
Force Majeure: The owners and their agents accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage or alterations to the terms of this booking caused by events beyond the owners control including, but not restricted to, war, civil commotion, flight delays or cancellations, technical difficulties with transportation, alteration or cancellation or schedules by carriers, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, industrial dispute or any other event beyond our control.

To comply with state fire regulations under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons identified on the booking form occupy the property.
The swimming pool is used entirely at the guest’s own risk.
Diving into the pool is not allowed.
Running around the pool deck is not allowed.
Children must be supervised at all times whilst in the pool area and in the villa.
A pool safety fence has been provided for your use within the pool area of the villa
Glass is not permitted in the pool area at any time. Please ensure you use the plastic items provided.
Smoking is not permitted as smoke drifts into the home.

Please be aware that a pool blanket may be on the pool when you arrive. We ask guests to use the blanket daily to keep pool temperatures stable, and reduce water loss and detritus in the pool.

The villa has been fitted with an alarm system for yours and our protection so we ask that you use this during your stay. Failure to use the alarm may invalidate your holiday insurance in the event of a claim. Full instructions for the alarm and code will be given prior to your stay.


Closesttothemagic.com, the Owner, the Rental Agency and the local management do not accept any liability for any physical, psychological or material damage resulting form the use of the Holiday Property and its furnishings. lt is the responsibility of the Tenant to get an insurance to cover all consequences of any accident that might occur in or around the Holiday Property or during the Holiday Period.

The guest is the sole responsible for the personal belongings of himself and those of the other members of his group, regardless of the type of the occurring event: fire, theft, vandalism… (non-limitative list). There is an exception for any damage that directly results from the incompetence or the negligence of the Owner/Rental Agency or the local management. ln that event this particular party becomes responsible.

Your satisfaction with our accommodation is paramount to us so in the unlikely event of a problem or complaint during your stay (relating to our property) you should immediately contact our management company who will seek to resolve the matter speedily.  Any complaints or correspondences received after your stay will not be entertained.

The Owner/Rental Agency and the local management commit to keeping the Holiday Property in its normal, safe, usable and habitable condition. ln the event the Holiday Property is rendered unsafe, not usable or habitable by (among others, but not limited to) the local authorities, and this situation does not result from acts posed by the Tenant or the members of his group, then the Tenant shall be relieved of its obligations under this agreement and the unused portion of his rent and deposit will be refunded.

LIABILITY – The property is privately owned and neither the owners nor the management personnel accept any responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects, however caused.
The owners and their agents reserve the right of entry at any time. (This includes such workers as pool maintenance, gardeners etc).
Brochure description: whilst all information supplied in the brochure, website and supporting documents are deemed to be correct to the best of our knowledge, it is understood that the information supplied is for guidance purposes only and does not form any part of contract.

No liability is accepted by the Owner for the loss of main services or failure of appliances, including pool heating systems, nor for the consequences of the actions or omissions of persons who may control supply of mains service, nor any actions taken in the vicinity of the property by any authority over which there is no control by the owner.

The owner or our agents will also not be liable for any loss or delay occasioned by any of, but not limited to, the following: strikes, riots, political unrest, war or threat of war, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, fire, flood, technical or weather problems to transport, aircraft, closure of airports, or any other event beyond the Owners control

This contract is subject to and shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

We recommended that guests take out Holiday Insurance to cover cancellation fees and any other losses which may occur. Any claims for compensation, loss or injury must be directed to your Insurance company and will not be entertained by the Owner or their agent.

AND FINALLY; Thank you for considering closesttothemagic.com, we do appreciate your interest in our home. If any of your friends or colleagues are thinking of travelling to Florida, please pass on our details.